King Shocks 2.5" Shock Spring Perch Adapter Ring For 3.75" Inside Diameter Spring On A 2-1/2" Shock

King Shocks 2.5" Shock Spring Perch Adapter Ring For 3.75" Inside Diameter Spring On A 2-1/2" Shock
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Sold As: 1 Spring Perch

Part Number: KNG30303001

MFG Number: 30303-001

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This is an ADAPTER ring only that allows you to run the larger 3.75" inside diameter Eibach springs on your King 2.5" coil over shocks. It sits on top of your current bottom spring perch and can be used with Prerunner or Pure Race series shocks.

There will be a slight gap between your shock's spring perch and this ring. The outside diameter of the shoulder on your spring perch is roughly 3" and the inside diameter of this ring is roughly 3-1/8". You can use a size 041 o-ring that's 3" ID x 3-1/8" OD x 1/16" thick to take up this gap.

041 o-rings
Designed for use with All German Motorsport's 3" to 3.75" spring dividers. This allows you to run a traditional 3" inside diameter upper spring but now you can use the larger diameter 3.75" inside diameter lower spring.

With 3-3/4" bottom springs, there's more to choose from for spring rates but also you'll notice you can compress a 3-3/4" ID spring further than a 3" ID spring. For example 1600.300.400 compresses down to 6.61 inches. A 1600.375.400 compresses down to 6.26 inches.

That extra 3/8" before coil bind on your shock might not seem like much, but remember that if you have your shocks mounted midways up your rear arm, that 3/8" at the shock could be several inches at the end of the arm depending on how your suspension is setup.

Another huge benefit of doing this, you'll run AGM's three piece spring dividers (sold separately) which act like a torsion release bearing. As a spring compresses, it also twist which puts a load on your spring perches and spring dividers. AGM's sliders get rid of that problem.

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