Buggy Department:


Truck Department:


Phone Extensions:

Internet Sales
101 Chris Doneza

Buggy Department
106 Beanie Boy
118 Dave Bonner
102 Ronnie Imhof
105 Julio Vasquez
113 Mike Obeyd

Truck Department
126 Sylvester
127 Tylor Davenport
128 Matt Beckwith

International Sales
129 Rob Roy Front Office
107 Rob Roy Back Office

Shipping Department
109 Erick Miranda
121 Rey Serrano

Receiving Department
120 Orlando Melendez

Accounting Department
122 Kim Nizato
108 Tasha Ehret
124 Mina Obeyd

Store Hours:
M-F: 9am – 6pm PST
Sat: 9am – 1pm PST
Sun: Closed

Kartek Off-Road
2871 Ragle Way
Corona California

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Note: McKinley St will have major construction because of a bridge project. Click either of these maps to guide you through alternate routes.