All German Motorsports King 2.5" Pure Race C/O Spring Divider Adapter For 3" Top - 3.75" Btm Spring

All German Motorsports King 2.5" Pure Race C/O Spring Divider Adapter For 3" Top - 3.75" Btm Spring
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Part Number: AGMKSA2538

MFG Number: AGM-KSA-2538

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This billet aluminum 3 piece spring divider is an ADAPTER that allows you to run a 3" inside diameter upper spring and a 3.75" diameter lower spring. You must use King's 30303-001 bottom spring perch adapter rings (sold separately). The 30303-001 rings will rest on top of your current bottom spring perches. See accompanying photo.

Note: AGM makes two different spring dividers. One for a King prerunner series shock and another for a King pure race series shock. The difference is the inside diameter of the slider.

king-shocks 30303-001 2-1/2 inch shock spring perch adapter ring for 3-3/4 inch inside diameter spring on a 2-1/2 inch shock
The AGM suspension slider or as some may refer to this part as a spring divider, is like nothing on the market today. Specifically designed for the brutal demands imposed by modern off-road vehicles, the AGM suspension slider provides its user with the strength and support of an aluminum slider while still allowing the smooth non-destructive operation of a molded slider.

This is accomplished through the use of a precision fit insert, made of a proprietary blend of the finest materials and a 6061 hard anodized 2-piece outer housing. In total the AGM Suspension Slider will hold suspension springs truer to each other and their respective coil carrier body. Therefore, preventing the contact that inevitably occurs when an O.E.M. slider prematurely wears, deforms or breaks, allowing the springs to deflect and contact the coil carrier body, causing damage to both. It is because of this that the AGM suspension slider will increase component life and could reduce related prep costs.

So whether it's racing a Trophy Truck or just having fun in the desert with a weekend toy, those who care about their vehicles and want only the best parts that are the highest in quality and craftsmanship will choose the AGM Suspension Slider.

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