News 1/1/2016

New Website Features

Welcome to 2016! We've added more new features for our customers. We spent all of December working on our Fox Shocks product line. We now offer custom valving on shocks for example on part number 980-02-032. We now offer compression adjusters installed for example on part number 980-02-005 and 980-02-156

  • 2016 Contingency Posted:
  • New Features:
  • Shipping:
    • Kartek Local Delivery Truck (available for select customers only)
    • Kartek Off-Road We Deliver!
    • Ontrac (available for select customers only)
    • Customers Can Now Save Multiple Shipping And Billing Addresses In Their Online Account
    • Vacuum Packaging Now Available. To save our customers money on shipping charges, we offer vacuum packing to reduce the overall size of the package. All shipping carriers will charge by actual weight or cubic inches of volume, whichever is GREATER. Sand tires are so large, that shipping carriers charge by "dimensional weight" instead of actual weight because the cubic volume of space that the sand tire uses is greater than the actual weight of the sand tire. To solve this problem, when a customer purchases wheels, we can vacuum the tire down on the wheel so the shipping carrier will now charge by the actual weight of the package and greatly reduce the shipping cost.

    • Vacuum Packing Sand Tires Unlimited To Reduce Shipping Cost
  • Now accepting PayPal

Still In Progress:

  • Shipping Calculator: Because of the vast array of parts that we carry. Using a human being to calculate shipping is a lot more accurate. The logic of not packing a windshield with a 50 pound steering rack and pinion is a great example.
  • Adding New Products Every Day
I want to hear from you! If there's some way I can possibly make shopping on our website easier, please email me on the contact us page. I love the feedback. Thank you, -Chris Doneza