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Kartek is offering contingency awards for Mojave Off-Road Enthusiasts' 2020 race series. The contingency awards are $100 Kartek store credit for 1st place winners of all classes that is redeemable at Kartek as a credit for a purchase. See requirements below:

This contingency applies to:

Slash X Ranch Duel In The Desert

Starts January 18, 2020
Ends January 18, 2020
Barstow, CA

Transaxle Engineering Challenge

Starts March 21, 2020
Ends March 21, 2020
Barstow, CA

Mckenzie's 300

Starts May 16, 2020
Ends May 16, 2020
Lucerne Valley, CA

GG Lighting Freedom Cup

Starts June 27, 2020
Ends June 28, 2020
Barstow, CA

PCI Race Radios 300

Starts September 12, 2020
Ends September 12, 2020
Lucerne Valley, CA

14th Annual Powder Puff Race Towards A Cure

Starts November 2, 2019
Ends November 2, 2019
Barstow, CA

Rage At The River

Starts December 13, 2019
Ends December 15, 2019
Laughlin, NV
Call Dave Bonner, Kartek's Contingency Manager for more information about Kartek's contingency program at 951.737.7223 Ext. 118 or email him using the contact us page. For more information about MORE, visit them at

Click here to order contingency stickers or download .ai Adobe Illustrator Artwork image if you're doing a full vehicle wrap.


  • There must be 5 or more entries per class to qualify
  • Must run two Kartek supplied decals in clear view on each side of the vehicle
  • Must email images of race vehicle to Dave the contingency manager
  • 1st Place of each class earns $100.00 Kartek store credit
  • Must use winnings within 1 year of win
  • Proof of race results MUST be by MORE racing