Eibach Helper Springs

Eibach helper springs are used to prevent the main springs from becoming loose on the spring seat and spring divider when the suspension is unloaded at full droop. See diagram below. At ride height when the vehicle is sitting on the ground, the helper spring is fully compressed. When you launch the vehicle, the helper spring prevents the spring just below it, from digging into the side of the shock. A helper spring, unlike a tender spring, has very little spring rate, and therefore has no effect on the suspension characteristics of the vehicle.

On your average dual rate coil over shock such as King, Fox, or Sway-A-Way you'll need to run ANOTHER spring divider between your top spring and the helper spring. On most shocks you'll need to remove the hose or Schrader valve at the top of the shock to slide on the additional spring divider. We can convert any shock to add the additional spring divider. Email or call us for more information.

How to setup Eibach helper spring on Fox coil over shock

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