Torco SAE 10W40 TR-1R Premium Blend Racing Engine Oil 1 Quart Bottle

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Torco SAE 10W40 TR-1R Premium Blend Racing Engine Oil 1 Quart Bottle

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Sold As: 1 Quart Bottle

Part Number: TORA141040CE

MFG Number: A141040CE

Torco SAE 10W40 TR-1R Premium Blend Racing Engine Oil 1 Quart Bottle

Torco Professional Series

Part# A141040CE (unit)
Part# A141040C (case)

Formulated for racing and modified street applications.
  • Ultimate Wear Protection
  • Friction Modified
  • Thermally Stable
  • Improves Ring Seal
  • Made in USA
  • 1 Liter Bottle = 1.056 US Quarts
TR-1r Premium Blend Racing Engine Oil SAE 10w40

Torco TR-1r Racing motor oil is a blend of hydro processed petroleum base stocks, special polymers and a proprietary additive system focused on superior performance and engine protection. TR-1r is a tried and proven formula that offers excellent thermal stability under extreme RPM and high operating temperatures of modern racing engines. It is an MPZ fortified formula which provides unequaled anti-friction, anti-wear, and minimizes frictional losses for increased power. TR-1r protects against scuffing, galling, and metal transfer for longer engine life.

TR-1r (10w40) is recommended for high performance and racing automotive, motorcycle and marine applications. Developed for use in racing and modified street engines, including carbureted, fuel injected, supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous oxide equipped engines. Highly recommended for flat tappet cam applications. Also highly recommended for Nitro Methane and Alcohol applications.

Specifications: TR-1r is formulated to Torco's proprietary race specific additive technology. Exceeds API performance requirements. Intended for racing applications.

Other available TR-1r grades: SAE 10w30, 20w50, 50, 60, and Grade 70

Torco's commitment to developing and improving technology is a continuous effort. This may result in slight color and odor variations in our products from time to time.

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