Molecule Sports MLHCK44 Helmet Care Kit Anti-Fog, Cleaner Detailer, Helmet Refresh, Rain Repellent

Molecule Sports MLHCK44 Helmet Care Kit Anti-Fog, Cleaner Detailer, Helmet Refresh, Rain Repellent
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The Molecule helmet care kit is a bundled for all your helmet care needs. Helmet refresh to keep the inside of your helmet clean. Cleaner polish to keep the outside of your helmet clean, shiny and protected. Anti-fog to keep the inside of your visor clear. Hydrophobic rain repellent for the outside of your visor. The kit also includes a microfiber towel to gently wipe down your helmet.

MLHCP41 Molecule cleaner polish is designed to keep the exterior of helmets clean, shiny and protected in a simple application. Safe to use on visors and gloss finishes, simply spray on and wipe off.

  • Cleans and polishes helmets or visors in an easy application
  • Safely removes bugs, oils, dirt and grime
  • Recommended for use on all gloss finish helmets
MLHFF41 Molecule helmet refresh is a lightly scented spray specifically formulated to deodorize the interior of helmets. Cosmetic grade formula containing Benzalkonium chloride (BKC) sanitizing ingredient, helmet refresh keeps the interior padding, foam and helmet lining clear of odors.

  • Cleans and deodorizes helmet linings
  • Proprietary Pico12 odor eliminating technology
  • Cosmetic grade skin-friendly sanitizing ingredients
  • Includes FDA compliant antimicrobial – BKC
MLHAF41 Molecule anti fog improves visibility and is designed specifically to inhibit fog causing moisture on the interior of face shields. Apply to the inside surface of visors or goggles to guard against distortion.

  • Reduces fogging and improves visibility
  • Cleans surface of dirt and chemicals
  • Recommended for helmet visors or goggles
MLHRR41 Molecule rain repellent safely cleans the exterior of visors while improving visibility in wet weather. Easy to apply formula, also repels rain and other liquids from sticking to the visor. For use on visors or goggles.

  • Safely remove bugs, oils, dirt and grime from visor in one easy step
  • Water quickly beads and clears to improve wet weather visibility
  • Can be applied to helmet visors or goggles

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