Wilwood 7420 SL6R Brake Pads BP-20

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Wilwood 7420 SL6R Brake Pads BP-20

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Wilwood 7420 SL6R Brake Pads BP-20

Wilwood brake pad compounds are the results of three decades of experience and continual development to provide optimized braking and driver feel for all types of motor sport and competition applications. This selection guide is intended to provide general characteristics and applications for each compound. On-track testing and driver evaluation however, will always remain the determining factor to final pad selection.

Compound Common Use
BP-10 Smart Pad -High performance street / strip using vented iron rotors.
-Light to medium braking on dirt tracks
-Disc brake conversions on street rods and muscle cars.
BP-20 Smart Pad -Medium to heavy braking dirt tracks.
-Advanced level track day and club sport competition.
-Extreme duty dual-purpose street/track vehicle.
-High speed or heavy weight drag cars.
-Hobby or sportsman category asphalt racing
PolyMatrix E -Most dirt track applications using vented iron rotors.
-Light to medium duty road racing and track day events.
-Drag racing with iron or steel rotors.
-Performance street category competition.
PolyMatrix Q -Sprint cars with aluminum rotors.
-Disc brake conversions and moderate performance applications where low noise and dust are important.