Sand Tires Unlimited Padla Trak Tires 16.50 x 15 No.1

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Sand Tires Unlimited Padla Trak Tires 16.50 x 15 No.1
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Part Number: STU165015/1

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For years I've been asked, "what size sand tires are best for my vehicle?" It's important to realize that there are TWO major factors in choosing the correct tire for your vehicle. The first is obviously the amount of horsepower and torque that you have. But the second, less obvious, is the amount of wheel travel you have. Often times people will build vehicles with tremendous wheel travel which requires a large diameter tire, BUT the engine and transmission they choose aren't strong enough to carry this load.

If your vehicle has too much wheel travel and too small of a tire, when you launch the vehicle and come down on a hard landing, you're going to bottom out the vehicle on the ground. If you buy the correct diameter tire to compensate for your wheel travel and don't have enough horsepower and torque to turn the tires, then you're going to have a miserable time in the dunes with your engine bogging down.

Front Sand Tires:
For front sand tires, you're going to need to know if the tire will rub your car when you turn all the way left or all the way right. If you don't have tires yet, turn your steering wheel all the way to one side. Measure from the center of the spindle towards your chassis and double that dimension. For example, if from your spindle to your chassis you have 15" then a 30" diameter tire is going to rub the side of your vehicle and you'll need something smaller in diameter or you're going to have to limit your turning radius.
What size front sand tires do I need?

Rear Sand Paddle Tires:
Now let's figure out what your wheel travel is. See below diagram. If you don't have tires yet, collapse the suspension all the way. Measure from the center of your spindle or axle to the bottom of your chassis. Take that dimension and double that dimension. For example, if from the spindle or axle to the bottom of your chassis, you have 15" then a 30" diameter tire is going to be too small and if you launch the vehicle, you're going to bottom out the car on the ground. You would want several inches from the bottom of the chassis to the ground at full compression because the sidewall of the tire is going to compress if you come down from a hard landing.

After you figure out the diameter of tire that you'll need, the next big question is, do you have enough horsepower and torque to turn these tires?

What size rear sand paddle tires do I need?

The Padla Trak from Sand Tires Unlimited is the most popular paddle tire on the market. This series is the classic design which offers the best overall performance for sand cars, sand dragsters, trucks, and Jeeps. What allows it to be so versatile is it's wide design with a short short sidewall and high center crown along with a selection of different paddle cuts. This allows for maximum flotation with a wide selection of levels of 'bite' for your specific application's needs.

You can choose the amount bite a tire has by selecting a paddle number cut. These cuts differ in the paddle height and thickness, with No. 1 being the smallest at 3/4" tall and No. 2 being 1-1/4" tall. Other cuts are available for a few tires and are special order only.

The 1300 Series is ideal for lightweight low to medium horsepower cars with either a swing axle or mid travel suspension.

The 1650 Series can be used with medium to heavy cars with low to medium horsepower and also work very well with trucks and Jeeps.

The 2000 Series was designed primarily for competition use with sand dragsters and sand hill climbers. This series offers the most bite and flotation of the Padla Trak series.

Part Number Wheel Size Height Tread Width Cut
STU-130015/1 15" x 10" to 12" 30" 15" 1
STU-130015/2 15" x 10" to 12" 30" 15" 2
STU-165015/1 15" x 12" to 15" 33" 18" 1
STU-165015/2 15" x 12" to 15" 33" 18" 2
STU-200015/2 15" x 12" to 18" 33" 20" 2

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To save our customers money on shipping charges, we offer vacuum packing to reduce the overall size of the package. All shipping carriers will charge by actual weight or cubic inches of volume, whichever is GREATER. Sand tires are so large, that shipping carriers charge by "dimensional weight" instead of actual weight because the cubic volume of space that the sand tire uses is greater than the actual weight of the sand tire. To solve this problem, when a customer purchases wheels, we can vacuum the tire down on the wheel so the shipping carrier will now charge by the actual weight of the package and greatly reduce the shipping cost.

Vacuum Packing Sand Tires Unlimited To Reduce Shipping Cost
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