MPI 11-3/4" - 298mm Dia. 0" Dish Black Suede With Orange Stitching Extreme Ergonomic Steering Wheel

MPI 11-3/4" - 298mm Dia. 0" Dish Black Suede With Orange Stitching Extreme Ergonomic Steering Wheel
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Sold As: One MPI Racing Wheel

Part Number: MPIDRG212

MFG Number: MPI-DRG2-12

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Today's off road racers need their controls at their finger tips, but sometimes the PTT push to talk buttons are in the most uncomfortable position. MPI has the best solution for your buttons and indicator lights. These wheels have four 5/8" slots, two 15/32" slots and four 15/32" round holes. The round holes can be drilled to 1/2".

This extreme ergonomic design allows you to keep a firm grip on your steering wheel at all times, while still being able to reach your most crucial controls.

It is extremely light weight at only 1.15 lbs, because if off-road racing, every ounce counts.

mpi-drg2 max papis innovations steering wheels


Made in Italy
MPI Part Number: MPI-DRG2-12
Outside Diameter: 11-3/4 Inches / 298mm
Weight: 1.15 lbs
Dish Depth: 0" (flat) from mounting surface to back edge of wheel
Grip Material: Highest quality suede
Grip: Extreme ergonomic grip
Frame Material: Aluminum
Bolt Pattern: Standard 5 Bolt
Uses: Off Road Racing / Pro Stock / Drag Racing / SXS / Drifting


Most other manufacturers look at maintaining commonality between all products in order to keep prices down. At MPI they look at how to build the best products and give their customers the best value.


At MPI they could have cut some corners and welded their channel instead of creating a jig that precisely guides their rivets inserts. But they didn't because they don't think that is the BEST way to build a steering wheel.

Would it have been less expensive? Obviously it takes seconds to weld a steering wheel against the 15 minutes to do the MPI process but we think that is way better!

Max Papis wanted to build the lightest possible product (light = fast in race cars) but still maintaining a top level of safety and deformation under impact. After long months of R&D the MPI 2 rivet winged spoke technology was born.
MPI Max Papis Innovations steering wheels quality difference

Just because a competitor's wheel cost more doesn't necessarily mean you're getting a better product. Other Italian manufactured wheels use a single rivet construction. And though this is far superior than the Taiwan alternative that is welded, you'll notice that the rivets on other brands of steering wheels are never in the same place and there's only one rivet per spoke.
MPI Max Papis Innovations steering wheels quality difference compared to other Italian manufacturers

In the steering wheel history using the U channel and rivets construction has been the standard in the industry for many years. Some overseas companies like to weld their spokes to the U Channel. Why is it that MPI doesn't weld their spokes? Several generations of experience that sent them the message that any hard spot on a circular surface that needs to deform under impact will never deform.
MPI Max Papis Innovations steering wheels quality difference compared to cheap Tiawan made steering wheels

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