Aeromotive 12604 - 100 Micron Stainless Mesh Pre Filter Element 2-15/16" Lng 1-5/8" Dia 7/8" Opening

Aeromotive 12604 - 100 Micron Stainless Mesh Pre Filter Element 2-15/16" Lng 1-5/8" Dia 7/8" Opening
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Sold As: 1 Filter Element

Part Number: AER12604

MFG Number: 12604

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Cross reference part number: Weldon WEQ100MC

Replacement element for 12304, 12324, 12354, 12307, 12349, 12379, 12389, 12331 housings

aeromotive fuel filter diagram

Commonly the most overlooked component in a fuel system, filter neglect can be the most costly. If not cleaned or replaced regularly, filter elements can become clogged resulting in reduced fuel flow, engine performance and ultimately, fuel pump or even worse, engine damage. By simply replacing and/or cleaning your filter elements regularly, you can avoid costly repairs to your fuel system and ensure peak engine performance. Severe duty applications or newly installed systems may require more frequent maintenance. How do you know what element you need for your filter? Several Aeromotive filters share the same housing, but the elements inside may be drastically different and putting the wrong filter or element in the wrong place could be costly for your fuel pump or your engine. To find out, look inside the inlet of the filter. Stamped on the top of the element is the micron rating. This will tell you what element you need for your filter.

  • Recommended for applications burning pump gas, racing gas, diesel fuel, jet fuel, avgas, etc
  • Approved for use in alcohol fuels including ethanol and methanol
  • Over 60 square inches of element surface area supports high flow while providing good service life
  • Cleanable 100 micron stainless steel mesh construction
  • Flow capacity of up to 600 plus GPH (10.00 GPM) with less than 1-PSI pressure drop
  • Supports up to 5,000 plus Flywheel HP, Forced Induction, on gasoline
  • Supports up to 4,000 Flywheel HP, Forced Induction on Ethanol
  • Supports up to 2,000 Flywheel HP, Forced Induction on Methanol
  • Ideal as a pre-pump filter with gasoline, ethanol and Methanol burning engines with small to medium Aeromotive fuel pumps from the 11109 to the A1000 and the SS series fuel pumps
  • Popular as a post pump filter with 12 Series (belt and hex driven) mechanical fuel pumps and Aeromotive Spur Gear Pumps up to 21 GPM
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