Important Note: All of the standard s-pod units use the same circuit board. On the circuit board it comes with three 30 amp fuses and three 15 amp fuses and one main 50 amp circuit breaker. Add up the amperage of all of the accessories that you're going to wire to this circuit board. If for some reason you need to turn on all 6 switches at once, the total amperage that you can run through this box is 50 amps right out of the package. If you exceed 50 amps, the auto reset circuit breaker will shut off until it cools down. The manufacturer sPOD has stated that they put a 50amp breaker on the circuit board to prevent a customer from overloading their alternator. However you CAN change the circuit breaker to an 80 amp or 100 amp as long as your alternator can handle it. The circuit board will handle 100 amps without a problem.