Fox Internal Bypass Parts

Note: We do sell internal bypass shims (check valves). We just don't advertise them because there are a plethora to choose from. Call us at 951.737.RACE for pricing and availability.

    We will need to know:
  • Shape of shim (oval or rectangular)
  • How many holes in the shim (usually 2 or 3)
  • Length of the shim from end to end
  • Width of shim
  • Thickness of the shim (usually 0.008" - 0.010" - 0.012" - 0.015" - 0.020")
We DO NOT have a way to reference what shims Fox put in your shock. You will have to take the shock apart to find out what's in it before you call us.

fox shocks internal bypass valving shims check valves

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