Kartek Firesleeve (sometimes spelled fire sleeve or fire-sleeve) is the perfect sleeve and jacket choice for protecting industrial hydraulic hoses and lines, pneumatic lines, fuel & oil lines, brake lines, wires and cables from exposure to high temperature, heat or flame exposure. The extra thick special formulation of silicone rubber on our firesleeve sheds molten metals, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination. Kartek Firesleeve also provides protection from ozone, UV and abrasion.

Available In:
AN -4, #4, 1/4" Inside Diameter
AN -6, #6, 3/8" Inside Diameter
AN -8, #8, 1/2" Inside Diameter
AN -10, #10, 5/8" Inside Diameter
AN -12, #12, 3/4" Inside Diameter
AN -16, #16, 1" Inside Diameter
AN -20, #20, 1-1/4" Inside Diameter
AN -24, #24, 1-1/2" Inside Diameter

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