Walker Evans Racing Beadlock Wheels

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Walker Evans Racing Beadlock Wheels

Walker Evans Racing Beadlock Wheels

    Walker Evans Racing Wheels are a single cast-design which results in a stronger more reliable wheel with a beadlock ring. These wheels are rated at 3,800 lbs per wheel, which is higher than nearly all other cast wheels and many forged wheels currently on the market. Each wheel features grade 8 hardware for the beadlock ring.

    Walker Evans wheels are built to order only, but this allows you to custom order your wheel to your specific needs.

    Options Include:

    Style: Racing (Beadlock), Street (Simulated Beadlock)
    Sizes: 15", 17", 20"
    Backspacing: 3" to 6" - in 1/4" Increments
    Bolt Patterns: Most Popular Truck, SUV, Jeep, VW Patterns
    Center Bore: Any Hub Size
    Wheel Finish: Satin, Polished, Powder Coated Gloss Black, Flat Black, Textured Black
    Ring Width: Standard & Wide
    Ring Finish: Satin, Polished, Anodized Red, Blue, Black. Other colors are also available.

    These wheels are special order. Call to talk to our salesmen to order.