SxS Pro 2 Package Pro, 4 Link

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SxS Pro 2 Package Pro, 4 Link

Suggested: $749.99 Kartek Price: $699.99


SxS Pro 2 Package Pro, 4 Link

Side by Side Communications with the PCI 4 Link Pro Intercom.

PCI has combined the luxuries of our PCI 4 LinkPRO intercom with more affordable components to bring you this low cost, high function system! The easy to install, flush mount 4 Link Pro comes with the audio adapter cable that can deliver great sounding music from any MP3, XM, Satellite Radio, or iPod type music devices! Two 12' Direct cables and two entry level headsets with PTT’s included for an easy radio upgrade later. Check out one of the optional radio upgrade packages to communicate out to other cars, base camp, motorcycles and quads! This intercom can be expanded from between 2 to 8 positions.

  • PCI 4 Link Pro Intercom (expandable up to 8 places!)
  • (2) Black Over the Head or Behind the Head Headsets with PCI exclusive noise cancelling microphones, and 3.5mm female jack on the headset to listen to your cell phone or music!
  • Two 12' straight cables that connect directly from headset to intercom
  • Mp3 Adapter Included!