SX Performance Carbureted Fuel Regulators Red, -10 AN

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SX Performance Carbureted Fuel Regulators Red, -10 AN

Suggested: $179.99 Kartek Price: $142.99

Part Number: SXP154051

SX Performance Carbureted Fuel Regulators Red, -10 AN

The SX Performance™ series of Fuel Pressure Regulators allow maximum tuning flexibility with absolute minimum flow restriction for engines up to and exceeding 2000 HP.  Our regulators' advanced bypass technology and enlarged port design provide rock steady fuel pressure control from idle to full throttle and enable our fuel pump to push more fuel, increase horsepower, run cooler, draw less current, and always meet fuel volume demands with no pressure creep!

All SX Performance™ Fuel Pressure Regulators are laboratory tested and are perfectly compatible with gasoline and methanol.  Each is meticulously machined from 6061-T651 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy.

Adjustable Range: 5-10 PSI
Two -10 AN inlet/outlet ports, One -6 AN return port, and 1/8” NPT gauge port.
Boost reference fitting for “blow through” or pressurized carbureted applications
Pressure Regulation Slope: .75 psi/gal of flow rate change.
Holds fuel system pressure for at least 20 minutes after pump shutdown.