SkyBar™ w/ 6 Xenon Lights For JEEP JK & TJ

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SkyBar™ w/ 6 Xenon Lights For JEEP JK & TJ

Suggested: $999.99 Kartek Price: $500.00

Part Number: DLT0195706BX

SkyBar™ w/ 6 Xenon Lights For JEEP JK & TJ

Delta SkyBar was specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler TJ and JK. It is constructed of machined Billet Aluminum mounting arms and spacers and plasma cut 13 ga. Steel cross bar holding a battery of 6 (ea) xenon driving lights. The integrated design of the SkyBar complements the roof-line and the unique lines on Jeep Wrangler. It is designed to allow garage clearance with any lifts. The bar does not interfere with any roof, soft or hard top. The bar features a built-in deflector to eliminate glare. The light bar is wired to allow 3 phases of operation 2, 4 and all 6 lights for your full control in using just the right amount of light power from 110W to 330W with the max. Draw of 27.5Amp. The light bar offers a precision vertical aiming adjustment. The mounting billet arms attach to the side by the windshield to existing bolt holes thus requiring NO DRILLING. The SkyBar comes complete pre-wired with an OEM double harness, two switches, relays, fuses and all necessary hardware.

The set contains:

-One (ea) steel cross bar
-6 (ea) xenon 4½” driving lights
-6 (ea) hard plastic covers
-2 (ea) billet aluminum mounting arms
-2 (ea) billet aluminum spacers (for JK mounting)
-4 (ea) mounting bolts
-2 (ea) wiring harnesses
-2 (ea) toggle illuminated switches
-2 (ea) relays and fused switches
-2 (ea) relays and fuses