SafeGlo Remote Control Camp Locator Kit

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SafeGlo Remote Control Camp Locator Kit

Suggested: $99.99 Kartek Price: $75.99

Part Number: SGWRGB

SafeGlo Remote Control Camp Locator Kit

The Best and Most Innovative Camp Locator on the market! SafeGlo's LED Camp Locator with color changing remote control. Ever had problems locating your campsite after those evening rides or just want to be seen? The camp locator fits on the top of your telescopic flag pole and is very easy to install and can be seen for miles.
-22" long
-Low current draw - About 500 milliamps
-Expected LED life span to 100,000 hours
-High range visibility
-Lexan tubing

-REMOTE CONTROL - Has an approximate range of 50' to 75'
-50' wire to connect to your 12 v source.

Strobes through 7 different colors and speeds. It can even lock on a single color.
Solid color white
Solid color Red
Solid color Green
Solid color Cyan
Solid color Pink
Solid color Purple
Solid color Blue