PyroCell Elite Steel Fuel Cell

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PyroCell Elite Steel Fuel Cell

PyroCell Elite Steel Fuel Cell

    The PyroCell from PYROTECT is theri Top of the Line Fuel Cell. PyroCells are approved for use by ALL major racing sanctioning bodies. PyroCells are especially designed for: Pump Gasoline, Racing Gasoline, AVGAS and Gasohol (Not for Nitro or Alcohol Use!) The PyroCell comes complete with Full Foam Baffling, Aircraft Style Nut Ring, Gasket, Pick-up Assembly, Vent Check Valve, Standard Fill Plate with Rollover Check Valve, and a 5 Year Bladder Warranty.

    Standard Equipment:

    • -Ultra Durable Double Coated Urethane Fabric Bladder
    • -Full Foam Baffling
    • -Single 3/8 in., 1/2 in. or 5/8 in.Pick-up & one 1/2 in. Vent Check Valve Fitting
    • -Internal Fuel Strainers
    • -3 1/2 in. Threaded Cap on a Standard Modular Plate w/Billet Rollover Valve
    • -Steel Container

    Optional Equipment

    • -Remote Fillers
    • -Flush Cap
    • -1 in. or 13/4 in. Vent Check Valves
    • -Dual Pick Ups 3/8 in., 1/2 in. or 5/8 inches
    • -Collector System
    • -Sending Unit

    These fuel cells are available in several standard sizes and are custom ordered for you application. They are special order. Call to order.