LED Dimmer Box Dimmer

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LED Dimmer Box Dimmer

Suggested: $69.99 Kartek Price: $49.99

Part Number: CLS660055

LED Dimmer Box Dimmer

This is a PWM dimmer switch that is designed to work with Baja Designs LED lights. It is capable of dimming up to (2) SQUADRON 3" x 3" LEDs, a 20" STEALTH bar, a 2 Cell OnX & SII  (Individually, not all together). The dimmer switch allows for these lights to adjust from 0-100% in 5% increments via a handheld remote(switch). 


  • -Optional High beam bypass wire, that allows the regular High-beam switch to toggle on full-power, with the Low-beam setting being the dimmed level
  • -96Watt/ 8Amp Max Output
  • -100% WATERPROOF
  • -For Use with LED lights ONLY
  • -For Squadron up to (2)
  • -For Stealth 10" & 20"
  • -For OnX 8" & 15"
  • -For SII up to (4)