Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts


Kartek is offering contingency awards for Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts' 2016 race series. The contingency awards are $100 Kartek certificates that are redeemed at Kartek as a credit for a purchase. There are 10 awards per race event and they will be handed out at SNORE's discretion to cars with a Kartek sticker on the vehicle during the race. The stickers can be provided by Kartek.

This contingency applies to:

King Shocks Battle at Primm Presented by King Shocks
Starts February 19, 2016
Ends February 21, 2016
Race in Primm, NV

Motion Tire 300 Presented by Motion Tire
Starts April 1, 2016
Ends April 2, 2016
Race in Ridgecrest, CA

Caliente 250 Presented by S.N.O.R.E.
Starts June 10, 2016
Ends June 11, 2016
Race in Caliente, NV

KC HiLites Midnight Special Presented by KC HiLites
Starts July 29, 2016
Ends July 30, 2016
Race in Jean, NV

S.N.O.R.E. 250 Presented by S.N.O.R.E.
Starts September 23, 2016
Ends September 24, 2016
Race in Lucerne, CA

Rage At The River Presented by S.N.O.R.E.
Starts December 9, 2016
Ends December 11, 2016
Race in Laughlin, NV

Call Dave Bonner, Kartek's Contingency Manager for more information about Kartek's contingency program at 951.737.7223 or email him using the contact us page. For more information about SNORE, visit their website at

Click here to order contingency stickers or download .ai Adobe Illustrator Artwork image if you're doing a full vehicle wrap.

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